Cylindrical Fasteners

Cylindrical Fasteners with Protective Caps Cylindrical Fasteners with Protective Caps

How Cylindrical Body Fasteners Got Better, Inside and Out

When it comes to temporary power-operated cylindrical body fasteners, there’s more to the story than shape. Yes, with the cylindrical design you’ll enjoy considerable fastener-to-tool efficiencies. Meanwhile, whether working with a composite or metallic application, the performance of your fasteners rely on the internal design, or nothing stays together.

AFC Series Cylindrical Fasteners Benefits

  • Improved internal design for increased strength
  • Greater back-side footprint from enhanced tooling
  • Superior plating process extends life of fastener and color coding identity, a must for fasteners that experience cleaning and recycling.
  • Single-lead thread increases clamp-up consistency, a must for composite structures.
  • Radiused nut reduces the sharp edges to create a safer work environment.

And don’t forget to drive the job home with our Installation Tooling options.

Optional Features

Cylindrical Body Fasteners Charts

Cylindrical Body Fasteners Chart

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